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Dom assess and treats most anxiety and mood disorders using Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Schema Therapy approaches.


We are all performing in our lives and have done so since the day we were born. Whether this be at home as a parent, at work, or in a sports context. Dom utilises different treatment modalities to help you live with courage, curiousity and to learn more about how you can perform at your best.

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35% of the human population do not get the appropriate sleep which has catastrophic effects on health and productivity. 10% of individuals meet the criteria for chronic insomnia. Dom uses CBT-i to help people improve their sleep and their lives.


Dom's speaking engagements cover a range of topics - from mental wellbeing, to performance, through to leadership and culture.  Dom has a unique way of engaging the audience and can present typically complex psychological concepts in a quirky yet simple way. Dom speaks to a range of audiences such as schools, workplaces, and sports teams.

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Dom provides expert advice and mentoring on how to create a thriving culture and environment for you and your workplace.  He brings engaging examples from high performance cultures (both sport and business) alongside best evidence-based practice to get your business and leadership performing with courage and authenticity.

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