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Dom is connected to the EdenSleep Clinic in Hamilton. The clinic has access to a Sleep Physician, Sleep Therapist and the most up -to-date sleep testing equipment as well as access to CPAP machines.  It truely is a one stop shop. 

Dom primarily works with those who have diagnosed insomnia.  Typically, people undertake a "take-home" sleep test, and then are followed up by the Sleep Physician.  If insomnia is the primary diagnosis, then you are likely to see Dom.  Dom goes beyond basic sleep hygiene practice and uses CBT-i to help people improve their sleep and their lives.  This is the most successful evidence-based treatment for insomnia currently.  Dom may also utilise mindfulness as an alternative strategy to help you better manage your sleep.

You may self-refer or use a GP to come straight to Dom, however, your referral will be put through the EdenSleep system to provide you with the best care!

EdenSleep are associated with Southern Cross Health Insurance, so your sessions may be subsidised.

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